We know that singing improves mental health.

Recent research and studies have proven that singing can be a key link to increased wellbeing. This includes people who may be struggling from depression, anxiety, dementia and other mental health challenges. 

It’s important to run regular singing and wellbeing workshops.

We think it’s important to run regular singing and wellbeing workshops where organisations can access an affordable and beneficial service for their service users, and service users can be a part of a regular, fun and worthwhile experience that generally improves their mental health.

Subscriptions available

These workshops run in the (unique) Tempo way and are tailored to the needs of each group. Choose from one of our three subscription plans currently available. If you’re part of an organisation in an area we’re not currently reaching out to but feel that Tempo Wellbeing would benefit your service users, please get in touch.

We review our offerings regularly.

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